The 2020 Vision of Florida’s Faith Community

Series: How Faith Shapes Government, Part VIII – By Drs. Eric and Kelli Criss

Welcome to Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition’s weekly blog!  This week we’re focused upon the 2020 presidential election.  Our priority is to proclaim our faith and to impact government as a community of faith.  We’ll be sharing about: a) Trump’s recent efforts to mobilize Florida’s evangelicals, b) Florida’s importance in 2020, c) Trump’s record of enacting the conservative agenda, d) the Liberals’ efforts to squelch the conservative movement, and e) Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition’s 2020 plan to advance the faith community’s agenda.   

 Miami’s El Rey Jesús Church Welcomes President Trump 

 On Friday January 3, 2020, President Trump kicked off his Evangelicals for Trump coalition alongside Apostle Guillermo Maldonado at El Rey Jesús Church in Miami. This very church is where Florida FFC conducted a voter registration drive in October 2019. Trump’s Sunday rally was meant to stir evangelicals to vote and to support Trump’s candidacy in order to continue the progress he has made in advancing the faith community’s conservative agenda. 

 At Florida FFC, we engage Christians and prospective conservative voters across the state through various activities.  Our connection to FFC National enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in D.C. In fact, during our October 2019 voter registration drive at El Rey Jesús Church in Miami, we welcomed FFC National Chairman, Dr. Ralph Reed, who spoke about important issues such as appointment of pro-life judges, limitation of the Johnson Amendment, and restoration of the Mexico City Policy.  In December 2019, Dr. Reed, spoke on behalf of Florida FFC to hundreds of residents in Central Florida’s The Villages.  Dr. Reed discussed the 2020 presidential election’s challenges for the faith community and encouraged believers to admonish government to act righteously by exercising their right to vote.   

Florida – 2020’s Largest and Most Important Swing State  

 Why does Florida matter so much in the faith community’s effort to influence government with our faith?  Three words – Florida’s electoral votes.  Our state’s 29 electoral votes represent a major chunk of the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House—behind only California (55) and Texas (39). But California consistently votes for the Democrat nominee while Texas votes Republican. Among the three largest states, that leaves Florida to sway the outcome of presidential elections.  

 Who can forget 2000, when George Bush won the state by only 537 votes out of six million cast . . . and hanging chads dominated the news across America?  What about 2012 when Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in Florida, 50.0% to 49.1%.  In 2012, Florida was the only state decided by less than 1%.  And finally, there was Donald Trump’s 2016 stunning victory, when he narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton by 1.2% in Florida.  Florida also has a reputation for picking winners.  With the sole exception being President George H.W. Bush’s Florida 1992 loss, Florida voted with the winner in every presidential election since 1964. 

 Keeping Campaign Promises Made to Conservatives 

 Our message is simple.  President Trump made promises and he kept those promises.  That surprised a lot of media elites and politicians in Washington, D.C. What is President Trump’s record on the economy, judicial matters, international policy, and the military? 

 As for our economy, let’s consider that retail sales are up and China is being held accountable for its unfair trade deals, intellectual property theft, and currency manipulation.  President Trump has helped business owners and created almost 4 million jobs since 2016—400,000 of those jobs are in the manufacturing sector! More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history. By helping 4 million people get off welfare, he established the lowest unemployment rate in the United States in fifty years.  President Trump’s massive tax cut poured $300 billion back into the U.S. economy in the first quarter alone and small businesses now get the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years. He also concluded a U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA, withdrew America from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord, and ended the Obamacare individual mandate penalty. 

  In the judicial arena, President Trump fought for and signed major criminal justice reform.  He promised to reshape the judicial branch with conservative appointments and appointed two conservative, pro-life Supreme Court Justices and wow, how he delivered! The Boston Globe recently asserted that “the breadth of the Donald Trump legacy on the federal courts…will be with us for decades to come.” (Trump Reshapes Judiciary in His Image, Boston Globe, Editorial Board, December 29, 2019).                                                           

Internationally, President Trump is fighting against Christian persecution worldwide and he moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem!  Our President protected Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban and walked away from Obama’s dangerous Iran deal. 

Since President Trump was elected, we’ve seen the military supported through securing a record $700 billion in military funding, signing of the VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, designating the Space Force as the 6th branch of the Armed Forces, and signing an Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay.  President Trump is equipping our warfighters.  He is also giving them raises. 

 President Trump delivered on his promises.  Let’s show our support for him by fighting the flood of tainted radical money pouring into Florida from distant states like California and New York. 

 The Battle Raging Against Our Conservative Florida Agenda 

 Soros has already given hundreds of thousands of dollars to his front group, Forward Florida. Bloomberg has already spent $18 million attacking President Trump and will ultimately spend $300-$400 million assaulting the President during the primaries alone.   

 The Trump-hating group, Way to Win, announced it will spend $50 million in the Sun Belt states, including Florida.  Yet another radical group called ACRONYM announced it will spend $10 million to register voters and plans to target Florida. And the Florida Democratic Party recently announced it will spend $2 million on voter registration alone.  Finally, former Democrat nominee for Governor, Andrew Gillum, has pledged to spend millions in leftover campaign funds to elect Democrats in Florida. 

 If we can’t match their spending, Chief Justice John Roberts may swear in Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren on the East Steps of the Capitol.  Or, maybe it will be Joe Biden.  Of course, we know it doesn’t really matter who the Democrat nominee is, he or she will owe their election to the Radical Left and be a willing partner to implement their agenda. 

 They’ll raise taxes, waste even more of your hard-earned dollars, and attempt to pack the Supreme Court by increasing the number of Supreme Court justices. They’re supported in this endeavor by radical groups like Demand Justice and Indivisible.  And that’s just the beginning. 

 You know the Radical Left’s playbook.  They attacked and lied about Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and most recently, they promoted baseless, libelous attacks, and in several cases, demonstrable lies, against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

 Expressing Our Faith through Action 

 Sure, Florida FFC was busy in 2019 as we conducted voter mobilization meetings across the state and reached 17,000 plus people of faith through weekly newsletters and our website’s blog, but we’re adding more initiatives to our current efforts.  After all, even President Trump has taken notice of FFC’s national partnership with the faith community.  Indeed, President Trump said himself last summer in Washington, D.C., “the Faith and Freedom Coalition is the largest faith-based get out the vote organization in modern American history.”  And he should know.  President Trump has spoken at six of our annual Road to Majority Conferences, including just last summer when he spoke of the need to rally people of faith in 2020. 

 What Can You Do? 

 We need your help to expand our network in all 67 counties in Florida and knock on over one million doors.  The stakes are too high to wait on the sidelines and see what happens.  Please support our Trump 2020 Florida Task Force.  You can help the President in two ways.  First, help to fund our public education and Christian voter registration activities with your financial support.  You can visit our website at to make a donation.  Second, if you’re willing to join our activist network, please visit, and sign up as a volunteer in our voter mobilization effort. 

 In spite of the massive spending campaign by Liberals, it’s not too late to win Florida and continue President Trump’s revolutionary changes to the economy, foreign policy, the federal judiciary, and the nation’s pro-life policies.  We need your support to keep up this fight. 

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