Encouragement in Difficult Times

By Faith and Freedom Staff

Today, many Americans feel sadness and disappointment—whether from the pandemic, events unfolding in the nation’s capital, or the loss of two senate seats in Georgia. In times like this, it’s important to remember the words of King David, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (34:18).

He remains “close” to us and “saves” us. Let’s consider what that means for a moment.

It means that while we face many challenges, none are insurmountable.  Indeed, we can encourage each other by counting our many blessings.

In spite of their victories in the Georgia senate runoffs, the Radical left enjoys only the slimmest of majorities.  Conservative Democrats such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have said they will not support the Radical Left’s agenda, including packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the filibuster.

Control of the House and Senate

The party in power tends to lose seats in the House during mid-term elections.  Republicans picked up seats in the House in the November elections, narrowing the gap with Democrats to 222-211. The magic number to gain a majority is 218.  That means we are only 7 seats away from conservative majority in the House. Given that the party in power has lost an average of 26 seats in the House during mid-term elections, conservatives stand an excellent chance of gaining control of the House in 2022.

The Senate stands at a 50-50, with Vice-President Kamala Harris available to break any tie. In this sense, Democrats have taken control.  However, the party in power lost an average of four seats in the Senate in mid-term elections since World War II—again giving conservatives a chance to win back the Senate in just two years.

The Future is Now

Indeed, we have hope for the future but what happens in 2022 depends on the actions we take right now. While control of both the House and Senate could easily change hands in two short years, that won’t happen unless we begin working to flip Congress right now. In addition, many strong conservatives will soon line up to run for President of the United States and take back the White House in 2024.

In order to enjoy success in the future, we must recommit ourselves now to the fundamental work of educating and registering voters. The future is “now.”

In the shorter term, many are rejoicing that COVID-19 vaccines are now being administered across the nation. We also have a conservative majority on the United States Supreme Court, and many conservative governors and state legislatures throughout the nation.

Remember, “Fear not” is the most repeated command in the Bible!

So, Fear not freedom loving Americans! While we may have serious concerns about the direction of our nation today, we live in the United States of America – still the greatest nation on earth – and we can start working right now to peacefully take back our government in 2022!

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